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Nice to Meet You. I'm Grant Peckford, Life Skill Coach.

Updated: Jan 9

As a new member of the Wellness Canada team, I am finally throwing all my fears aside and beginning to write my own “blog”. I first learned about blogging from the Young and the Restless, yes, I am a fan.

To me, it was an interesting concept for self-promotion. However, I always wondered what I might promote. Me?

Why would anyone be the least bit interested in my journey and the stories and memories made along the way?

Yes, I am entertaining, but really????

At this point, I was in my 3rd season of Georgina Life and had been doing media for years. TV, Radio and appeared in print more than once.

Good lord was that not enough.

Never mind that I had been the face of many organizations since 2005.

In February 2020 while visiting my friend in Palm Springs, (notice the date a hot minute) before the world changed, I even began to build a blog. I believe build is the correct language.

I had a fabulous photograph taken by a renowned Canadian photographer.

Oh, it was deep and brooding, and thank you to black and white photography which hid a multitude of sins.

Well, we had a picture so we could put a face to the name, but what’s next?

I thought perhaps in the next blank block let's list my pieces of paper that suggest I am more than an interesting photo. Why not just cut and paste my most recent resume? Goodness knows that would captivate the potential audience, of which I was convinced did not and would not exist. Nevertheless, here goes:

Certified Teacher of Adults, Certified Life Skills Coach, Certified Trainer & Facilitator, and thanks to the TD Bank a couple of business courses at the Schulich School of Business.

As I add the Schulich piece I am skimming through a copy of my signed copy of Seymour Schulich’s book “Life and Business Lessons – Get Smarter”.

His message to me: Grant Peckford, Keep doing God’s Work.

While working for Youth Assisting Youth, a Peer Mentoring organization I still work with, Mr. Schulich reached out to us about a potential partnership. He was not aware of our demographic. He was looking for an organization to support mentoring in a business environment.

The point of all of this narrative - our conversation lasted for what seemed like hours. Even though the end result for him was different than expected he continued to be invested in me, my journey, and the good work I was doing.

I guess for me as I reflect on a conversation that took place in 2005; maybe I do have something to share that will matter. My journey has not been about the diplomas, certifications, business and special interest courses but rather the life experiences that have shaped me. Oh yes, the good, the bad, and the very ugly are all part of the journey.

I was raised by a single mom in the ’50s (yes I am that old). I left home with the clothes on my back and $60.00 in my pocket. As I went off to see the world as a door-to-door magazine salesman. Yes, salesman, we said that back in the day.

Marriage(s) Divorce, Am I gay? Am I straight and that is a book on its own?

Coming out as I was getting ready to walk down the aisle for #3.

I did love a good wedding.

What was being gay in the ’70s like? Sex drugs and well hardly rock and roll – we had disco.

Surviving AIDS and so the story goes and believe me readers it went.

As a Life Skills Coach at 60, I realized that yes, I do have much to share that potentially could affect positive change in the lives of some and who knows, even mine. I certainly hope so, as I have lost count of how many times I have reinvented myself.

My goal through this blog is to share my journey to the present.

What does all of this mean and how has it brought me to the now?

Why a Life Skills Coach?

What does that bring to our lives?

Where do we begin on this path to a different and perhaps better tomorrow?

How do we begin the conversation?

What are the next steps?

I don’t need a therapist you say, good I am not one!

Piqued your curiosity? Stay tuned because there is so much more to come.

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