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40 Ways a Life Coach like Grant can Help you Achieve Your Goals

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Grant Peckford - Life Skills Coach 1. Growth & Direction This improves all the various aspects of your life in which you will like to see growth. 2. Values Alignment This introduces you to the best strategy to realign your values with your goals. 3. Goal Setting This teaches you how to set goals and stick to them effectively. 4. Skills Acquisition This helps you identify the skills that will allow you to achieve your goals. 5. Strategic Decision Making This is a topic that assesses your decision-making skills. 6. Self-Induced Obstacles This builds your confidence level and improves the way you address yourself and others. 7. Performance Reviews This provides lessons that teach you how to plan and prepare for reviews so that you can boost your chances of optimal outcomes. 8. Productivity This brings to light your daily routine. 9. Habits & Routines This identifies the periods where you are most productive in the day, to develop a strategy to optimize your efforts. 10. Time Management & Focus This teaches you how to set boundaries with yourself and the people around you, to keep you focused and properly manage your time. 11. Motivation This highlights the factors that keep you motivated and also teaches you how to optimize or increase them. 12. Proactiveness This showcases areas in your life where you need to plan so that you can avoid obstacles and reduce the amount of work on your plate. 13. Image Branding This deals with your personal and professional image, as well as how best to manage them. It is best for enhancing your image within and outside the office. 14. Behavior Consistency This helps you to determine how you would like to be seen by others and also teach you how to align your strategies accordingly. 15. Image Presence This gives you skills you can utilize to articulately share your story in not only professional settings but social gatherings as well. 16. Self Awareness This helps to develop the right strategy to enable you to partner with people around you and also identify your blind spots. 17. Accountability This is essential to your personal brand as a person, and your life coach can help you develop plans to make you more accountable. 18. Boundaries This is important in all aspects of life, and you can learn how to properly set them and ensure that they always remain in place. 19. Expectations This can cause serious challenges in professional and social settings if they ever become misaligned. 20. Communication This looks at how you convey information to those around you, as well as strategies to enhance your communication skills. 21. Conversations This may prove to be difficult for you if you do not have the required skills. However, your life coach can teach you the proper response to triggering conversations.

22. Time Management This exposes you to skills to effectively use whatever limited time you have. 23. Establishing Priorities This helps you determine pressings tasks that need attending to so that they do not become neglected. 24. Enhancing Productivity This shows you the proper ways to go about your day so that you get the most done. 25. Work/Life Balance This is crucial to your wellbeing and being able to keep work and life is one way to achieve this. 26. Crisis Management This shows you the strategies you can use to prevent volatile situations from arising in the first place. 27. Problem Solving This equips you with skills that you will need within and outside work to overcome certain situations. 28. Change Management This provides you with real-life skills you can make use of to cope or overcome drastic changes that go on around you. 29. Career Development This shows you the strategies you can use to effectively manage your career to the best of your ability. 30. Successes & Accomplishments This allows you to take the full credit for work done, which can be a huge motivator down the line. 31. Business/Personal Overwhelm This provides you with techniques you can use to release some of the stress/tension build-ups. 32. Overcoming Challenges This equips you with the right skills to overcome some of the challenges that may come your way. 33. Career Exploration This exposes you to all the possible occupations within your field, also which opportunities match your skillset. 34. Health and Wellbeing This coaches you on strategies you can employ to leave a healthy and fulfilling life. 35. Passion Rediscovery This places you back on the right track if you happen to have lost track of your set goals. 36. Expressing Feelings This enables you to move on from troubling and negative emotions which can greatly affect your lifestyle. 37. De-cluttering This not only helps to keep you sane and organized but also enables you to have a clear head which is very important. 38. Gratitude This shows you how to express appreciation to others and yourself when it matters most. 39. Confidence This teaches you how to be in acceptance of your skills, ability, and experience regardless of extenuating circumstances. 40. Perseverance This exposes you to strategies that help you forge ahead, especially when you are experiencing delay or difficulty.​

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